Chapter 715

Refusal to Budge and Absolute Defeat

‘Sealing a rank 3 beast spirit could perhaps bring forward the advancement of a rank 2 Magus to a rank 3 Magus by 20 years!’ Leylin stroked his chin and began to ponder the A.I. Chip’s precise analysis of the situation. ‘Of course, the strength of soul and body of an average rank 2 Magus could never endure a seal from a rank 3 beast spirit, unless they were a Warlock…

‘Besides, there is a limit to the soul’s capability and strength, which serves as a bottleneck to beast spirit techniques. As such, in the Purgatory World, rank 6 beast spirit masters have never been seen, let alone anyone above that, either Sacrificer or beast spirit master…’

At this time, the enemies were dumbfounded at the swift defeat of their rank 4 Azure Trench Serpent by the Godric. How could a rank 3 beast spirit contend with a rank 4? It shook...

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