Chapter 714

Beast Spirit Amplification

“Hm?! That’s…” At this moment, the opposing enemies had already drawn closer. Hundreds of large marine tribe beasts came to a standstill, just their enormous size enough to put immense pressure on others.

The governor of Elias also noticed there were a few acquaintances in their midst!

“We meet again, governor!” Belinda stood up, sounding light-hearted and cheerful, “You never expected we would meet again so soon, did you?”

“I just hate the fact that I didn’t catch you back then. If not, I’d definitely have skinned you and turned you into a rug!” The governor exclaimed hatefully. He then shot Leylin who was beside her a glance. He evidently recognised this person who had rescued Belinda, causing a failure at the gates of victory. It was a pity that looks couldn’t kill, else Leylin would’ve died countless times over. Leylin himself appeared aloof, the lord here had yet to speak.

The Beholder elder Bayclark cackled, “Keke… so you’re the governor of Port Elias? I don’t like the colour of your pupils....

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