Chapter 712

Good Feelings and Goodbye

“You and I are of the same type, and I had the ability to save you. How could I just leave you?” Leylin spoke in a righteous tone.

“Fool,” the snake girl snorted coldly, but it pleased Leylin inwardly to notice her gaze softening considerably. She continued in a gloomy voice, “Mixed bloods like you are actually very rare.”

Listening to Leylin’s words, the snake girl immediately became uncommunicative. Her expression grew so damp it seemed like she could drip water. Leylin secretly nodded to himself as he saw this scene, ‘I wasn’t wrong. A half-breed will always suffer discrimination, no matter what world you live in.’

Leylin understood from the snake girl’s bitter expression that she had suffered a lot. However, she was still able to show incomparable concern for those who were similar to her. He took advantage of this ‘misery loves company’ attitude...

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