Chapter 711

Snake Girl and Escape

‘What’s going on? Isn’t she the leader of the organization?’ The Elias Governor doubtfully looked at the snake girl, only to find that she was similarly perplexed.

‘It doesn’t matter, the first task is to capture her! Those who try to insult our master’s glory must be punished!’ The governor would not have reached rank 4 as a Sacrificer if he didn’t worship the Nefarious Filthbird so fervently.

However, how could Leylin really allow him to make a move?

‘In any case, he is still a rank 4 elite from the Nefarious Filthbird’s group, so it won’t be possible to just take him down in one strike…’ The power of dreamforce spells was amplified to an alarming extent by the array, like charcoal being transformed into diamond, “Rank 4 dreamforce spell— Distorted Labyrinth!”

Dreamforce surged out violently to create an enormous labyrinth which enveloped the governor and the three Morning Stars who were...

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