Chapter 710

Sacrifice and Rescue

‘This bloodline force… Alabaster Devilsnake?’ Leylin’s pupils shrank. As a Warlock, it was impossible for him to make a mistake in recognising bloodline force, but what this represented shocked him.

‘A descendant of the Snake Dowager actually has such a high status in an organisation of the Trial’s Eye. Is it for personal reputation, or is it some kind of exchange of benefits between the Snake Dowager and Trial’s Eye?’

The large serpentine figure was covered in smooth white scales all over, its scarlet pupils emitting a chill that could almost suffocate a person. The tooth of the giant python merged with the palm of the attacker, bringing with it even more terrifying energy.

The white scales on Leylin’s face were now beginning to flicker uncontrollably.

[Beep! Discovered undulations of bloodline of Alabaster Devilsnake that host is using for concealment. Accept or deny?]

The A.I. Chip prompted at this moment.

“No!” Leylin’s eyes flickered...

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