Chapter 709

Shadow and Sudden Attack

The one who was sent flying so impressively was obviously Geiger Dole. He now had three cauterized slashes on his body, obviously an injury from the lightning claws of the Berserk Boltbear. Afterwards, Geiger was dragged out by it, curled up into a ball.

A powerful force rippled through the area once more, suppressing the lightning burns that Geiger Dole had sustained. “Get away!” he screamed, spiritual force sweeping out to send a few guards flying immediately. Blood and brain juices began to leak from their eyes and ears, pouring out like a flood.

Many Sacrificers liked to draw the support of offerings to suppress their injuries.

“Thinking of leaving?” The Elias governor’s eyes flashed ominously, “Summon— Nighthawk!”

An enormous tattoo of a black hawk suddenly emerged from his forehead. The large hawk was so vivid it seemed alive, and after the governor issued a command the beast spirit instantly transformed into a streak of light. A high-pitched cry sounded out...

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