Chapter 708

Encirclement and Confrontation

‘Still…’ Leylin stroked his face which was covered by the cold Mask of the Dreamless, a mask which had traces of golden-red lines engraved upon it, ‘This mask is too conspicuous. It wouldn’t be good for hiding.’

A wave of pure white light suddenly emanated from Leylin’s body. Within the radiant and dazzling light, dense white scales appeared on the Mask of the Dreamless, and a bloodline aura unique to Alabaster Devilsnakes unceasingly strengthened.

In the end, the whole mask became illusory and disappeared into Leylin’s skull. However, a thin layer of white scales replaced the mask.

After the flash of light, Leylin’s face underwent a huge transformation. His brows became thinner and longer, his now crimson eyes emanating terrifying light. His tongue grew slightly forked, and finally his teeth became incomparably sharp and menacing.

He continuously...

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