Chapter 707

Discovered and Scheme

Based on the information that Leylin had obtained, various dignitaries ruled over the different continents in the Purgatory World.

Although the Hail Continent was the territory ruled by the Snake Dowager, there was a port that worshipped the Nefarious Filthbird in close proximity to it. This could only be some sort of test and provocation.

‘The Snake Dowager and the Nefarious Filthbird must definitely be on bad terms!’ Leylin nodded as he recalled the scene where he’d gone through the barrier of the Purgatory World.

‘But I have the feeling that things aren’t quite so simple…’ Leylin stroked his chin as he thought of something, ‘That father and son pair, Geiger and Geiger Dole are rather suspicious!’

As they were Beholders, they worshipped the ancient Trial’s Eye. This port, however, was under the protection of the Nefarious Filthbird. Even if entry into the port was freely allowed, it was still rather strange for them to come here.

Of course, in an era of pirates navigating the...

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