Chapter 706

Transaction and Temporary Residence

‘Accept!’ With a thought the cow horn bugle in Leylin’s hand was enveloped in a layer of light that slowly turned it to ashes.

Many images and words appeared in Leylin’s mind, getting recorded and analysed by the A.I. Chip. Soon after, the same happened to the pink shell.

Two new documents were stored in the A.I. Chip after this process, making a look of satisfaction to appear on Leylin’s face.

The little person, however, looked heartbrokenly at the pile of ashes. Gathering the complete set of information, as well as finding an expert to record it into a storage system, had taken a large amount of effort and wealth.

[Beep! New folders recorded: ‘Path of Offerings’ and ‘Beast Spirit magic’ (incomplete)] The A.I. Chip’s prompt appeared. Leylin could understand the incompleteness, after all a tiny shop like this wouldn’t normally have such profound information.

When he saw that the techniques led all the way to the Morning Star level, Leylin was slightly...

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