Chapter 705

Offerings and Beast Spirits

Port Elias not only had the title of the Pearl of the Hail Continent, but also housed so many different races that even Leylin was left overwhelmed. That was not all; both sides of the busy road were filled with multiple shops, selling anything from the lowest quality armour and protective gear to the highest grade equipment such as high-grade sealing scrolls and other things. Everything one might need was present in these shops.

Based on Leylin’s understanding, the beings in Purgatory World were of varying races, each relying on their physical bodies and bloodline specific innate abilities to battle. There was no need for them to train themselves; their bloodlines would increase their strength with the simple passage of time until they reached their peak.

Of all the systems, only two were used throughout the whole world: sacrificial offerings and beast spirits.

These offerings meant sacrificing something, or someone, to a certain dignitary. After obtaining their blessing, an inhabitant...

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