Chapter 704

Parting and Underground

Geiger Dole and his son appeared to be completely cordial towards strong individuals, and Leylin only responded with a smile.

“Attention! Attention! You have now entered Port Elias! This area is under the protection of the mighty master of the void, the Flapwing, the Dignitary of the Asak Continent: the almighty Nefarious Filthbird! We advise that you abide by the Port’s rules, lest you suffer the wrath of the Port’s guardians and the Supreme’s punishment!” A mechanical voice transmitted the message onto the ship, carrying a trace of a threat with it. Geiger Dole, however, was evidently used to this and did not react.

After all, the port was being protected by a powerful Dignitary, so they could only follow the rules.

“The Nefarious Filthbird?! Asak Continent’s Dignitary?!” Leylin’s eyes flickered slightly as he looked towards the top of the Port and saw a giant statue of a bird atop an enormous mountain.

“Isn’t this place near the Hail Continent? How can the Dignitary of another continent spread its...

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