Chapter 703

Port Elias

The enormous Thornback Ironwhale roared, and didn’t charge at the ship again. Its gigantic body continued to spin in place, and it finally began to start twitching.

The merfolk on the deck, and even Geiger and Geiger Dole, were completely stunned as they watched the scene.

This terrible deep sea creature that had nearly destroyed their entire fleet had been left like this with one strike from Mister Ley? They couldn’t even understand what method he had used! For a moment, they gazed at Leylin with reverence.

However, it was as if he didn’t notice that at all. His eyes were still locked on the struggling Thornback Ironwhale.

After a short while, the whale’s struggling grew less and less pronounced, until it finally became completely still. Clouds of black smoke emerged from the harpoon wound it had sustained.

*Whoosh!* The enormous harpoon returned suddenly, bringing with it a white lump of brain matter.

By the time the harpoon was back on deck, Geiger Dole...

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