Chapter 702

Thornback Ironwhale

“Could this be… the Thornback Ironwhale?!”

Traces of fear could be felt in Geiger’s spiritual force, “How’s that possible? How can there be deep sea predators here when we’re so close to the coastline?”

The Thornback Ironwhale was a large being unique to the deep sea. Every single one of them had immense strength upon maturing, but their most terrifying characteristics were their temperaments. Once one set its sights on a target, it wouldn’t lose track of it until it managed to seize it.

The Thornback Ironwhale’s terrifying aura overwhelmed even the Godric’s, and it was the reason for Geiger’s fearful expression.

“Watch out!” Just as Leylin gave the warning, the Thornback Ironwhale charged forth, its large metal thorns piercing deeply into the Godric’s body.

*Moooo!* The Godric cried out in pain. As the two gigantic beasts collided, huge tremors travelled throughout the ship.

“Ah…” Under such tremendous force, Geiger collapsed to the deck, unable to hold his weight. His numerous tendrils wrapped around...

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