Chapter 701

Sea Monster Attack

As its World’s Will was in disorder, the Purgatory World was a very suitable place for powerful existences from other worlds to migrate to and settle in easily.

From the distant past to the present, it wasn’t just the Snake Dowager who had moved here with all her kin. Over the years, seven ‘dignitaries’ had appeared amongst the powerful natives and intruders. They each held control over one continent and did not interfere with each other’s rule of their respective continents.

Many commoners treated these dignitaries like legends, and even gods to be worshipped. And to some degree, they were indeed quite similar to gods and perhaps even surpassed them.

‘But… are there only seven existences who possess laws in the Purgatory World? What kind of joke is that? Forget those living in seclusion, these oceans are even larger than the continents! It would be even more suspicious if there weren’t a few dignitaries occupying...

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