Chapter 700

Continent and Dignitary

“What’s most important now is to figure out the general geography of Purgatory World!”

Leylin’s face was extremely solemn, hidden beneath the Mask of the Dreamless. He only had about two years left, and the Purgatory World had quite a few continents. He had to determine where the Snake Dowager was. If she’d gone to another continent, it would take years of journeying to find her, which was something he just would not accept.

“It’s a pity that those merfolk sailors aren’t that intelligent, and even the Beholder didn’t seem to be very knowledgeable. In order to gain more precise information, I’d have to rely on the concealed rank 3 Magus…”

*Knock knock!* At this moment, the door was lightly rapped.

“Come in!”

“My Lord!” The merperson from before reservedly bowed towards Leylin, “Esteemed guest, Lord Geiger Dole has invited you to dinner with him!”

‘Dinner?’ Leylin grew slightly confused by that. It seemed like the healing process he’d...

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