Chapter 699


“An Exemplary!” The leader of the merfolk cried out involuntarily, his eyes now holding a trace of reverence towards Leylin. However, he wasn’t all that surprised either. From what Leylin had done, it was evident that he was no ordinary person.

“We are people from the Eden trading company. If you don’t mind, you could come up our ship and get some rest. I believe the rest will be delighted to chat with an Exemplary…” The leader of the merfolk spoke reverently.

This was the reason Leylin showed his strength. In a primitive world in an era during the age of discovery, there must be sins everywhere behind the scenes. The law of the jungle was utilised to the utmost.

If this was just Leylin alone without any power, he would be robbed and then thrown to the bottom of the sea.

Just the luxurious material of his clothing could be the cause of his death.

The moment he showed his mysterious strength, the treatment he got immediately changed.

Without making certain...

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