Chapter 698

Gigantic Ship and Merfolk

Leylin never forgot his primary goal— he had to break through his bloodline shackles and rid himself of the Allsnake Curse!

Sneaking into Purgatory World and lying low was the first step to success. While he still didn’t have a concrete plan for what happened later, he needed to keep adjusting and then adapting it anyway.

“Now that I’ve gotten into Purgatory World and have the help of the A.I. Chip, my aura and undulations are now adjusting so that it’s more similar to natives. With the bloodline concealing by the Mask of the Dreamless as well as my wooden puppet used as a target amidst the chaos, the Snake Dowager shouldn’t be able to find signs of me in a short period of time no matter how powerful she is. Unless she’s reached rank 9, where there’s nothing she doesn’t know or cannot do…”

Rank 9 was the highest realm for all Magi. It was said to be where one grasped truth and there was nothing they could not do or did not know.

In Leylin’s eyes, this surpassed the power of gods. However,...

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