Chapter 697

Drifting and Analysis

A flaming star shot down from the skies, smashing into the waters with a huge splash.

“Ugh!” The icy cold water immediately left Leylin clear-minded, and a salty taste attacked his senses.

‘This is… an ocean…’ His mind was quickly reinvigorated, ‘Those existences above rank 6 saw me, but I was lucky enough to get through the barrier into the world. I even had to let my substitute clone leave… In that case…’

“This is the Purgatory World!” Seeing the dark lustre in the horizon as well as the chaotic will unique to Purgatory, Leylin’s lips quirked up in a broadening smile. “Haha… I’ve succeeded!”

Leylin had finally taken the first step on his path to breaking the bloodline shackles. The elation in his expression grew more and more pronounced.

As a foreign entity, Leylin would obviously affect the world barrier while traversing into the Purgatory World. Those existences above rank 6 had sensed this, hence Leylin wasn’t surprised that so many conscients were present...

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