Chapter 696

Breakthrough and Success

“I will first use the Destiny Spell Formation to amplify the power of Destiny’s Coin, and then draw out the power of fate from the coin all at once. I had previously narrowed down the location of the Purgatory World in the vast astral realm to the Calm Jade constellation already……”

“Staking everything on the destruction of Destiny’s Coin, the attempt this time-- It has a 70% chance of success!”

A blazing light shone from Leylin’s eyes, and he held up his hands: “The power of destiny! Please guide my way and lead me to the Purgatory World!”


At the moment of Leylin’s chant, the radiance of Destiny's Coin was at its highest point. The entire laboratory was wrapped up in the dazzling dark golden light.

The power of destiny reached its peak at this moment. At this moment, all of the astrologers in the entire Magus World raised their heads in amazement, sensing that the undulations of the river of destiny was shifting.

Threads of dark golden light continuously touched the door to the Star Realm, the image of the Calm Jade constellation grew ever smaller on...

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