Chapter 695

Ready To Go

The demonic wings on the back of Beelzebub spread out, and wings of bone wrapped by a black membranous film collided with the wall. It let out a piercing light of thunderous lightning followed by an immense amount of blood-red and white smoke. Leylin’s facial expression turned completely gloomy.

Soon after, Beelzebub’s many compound eyes let out a strange light: “How can a mortal know the thoughts of a God?”

“The Gods?!” Leylin was surprised, but assumed a sneering expression: “In my view, you are just prey! Just this and nothing more! And so, Sovereign King of Gluttony Beelzebub, until we meet again!”

Leylin placed his hand on his chest and executed a graceful aristocratic bow with irreproachable form. However with this motion, the entire room was quickly swallowed up by bloody lightning.

“Rank 5 Emperor Serpent Innate Skill- Devour!” His body shrunk by several times, but the shadow of a Kemoyin Serpent Emperor appeared solidly behind Leylin’s back. Although it was still constrained by thorny chains, it did not reveal...

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