Chapter 694

The Call of Another World

‘I can still get past the common origin of our bloodline force to hide myself from the Snake Dowager like this…’ Leylin stroked his chin in thought.

This was the solution the A.I. Chip had suggested previously. Using the original bloodline’s power, he could interfere with the Snake Dowager’s probes. The rank 5 bloodline of the Alabaster Devilsnake was clearly Leylin’s best choice at present.

‘The method to conceal myself has been resolved, next is the issue of the coordinates!’ Leylin asked the A.I. Chip, ‘How is the analysis of the ancient lightning runes going?’

These were the runes that he had secretly scanned from the Primordial Magic Robe worn by Eam, which had the frightening ability of amplification. Leylin was keenly aware that this kind of amplification ability could be applied to other things, and as a result had ordered the A.I. Chip to continue analysing it.

[Beep! Primordial Magic Robe analysis progress: 100%. 127651 lightning runes have been recorded, 112319 runes fully analyzed. Lightning...

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