Chapter 693

Remodelling the Mask

“Ah, the Purgatory World……”

Light seemed to flash in Leylin’s eyes, “In the ancient times, it was an extremely famous and formidable world. Not only does it have the Snake Dowager, but there are also numerous existences of the same rank keeping watch there. Moreover, the Purgatory World has not completely declined like the Magus World, as it still possesses the strength of ancient times…”

‘Forget the dangers of the place itself, even finding the Purgatory World’s coordinates is already a considerably huge problem!’ Leylin rubbed his chin in thought, ‘According to the information from the legacy left behind by the Ouroboros clan’s ancestors, it is fundamentally possible to confirm that the Purgatory World is located in the Calm Jade constellation. However, the specific positioning is still a problem!’

The Snake Dowager’s bloodline shackles were still present, and the Ouroboros Clan’s ancestors had never given up on exploring the astral plane.

From the information and experience that they accumulated from...

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