Chapter 692

Secretly Sneaking Back

Light flashed as Leylin’s figure appeared in the central hall of the Eternal River pocket dimension.

Enormous white stone pillars stood erect across the hall, and through the circular open space at the top one could see the light from a Morning Star spell formation.

‘This expedition underground was really successful!’ Leylin looked around his surroundings. The four void assassins were still strictly adhering to his previous order. He couldn’t help but laugh before putting the void assassins and defensive spell formations away.

“Lord Leylin!”

“How’s the situation, my Lord?” Once the mechanisms outside were removed, two silhouettes rushed in. They were the highest ranks of the light and dark Magi, Nonov and Anye respectively. The impatience was clear on their faces, yet there was nothing they could do except wait outside.

“This won’t do. The seal has been badly damaged. Although I tried my best to mend it, it’s still hard to predict whether it can be delayed by a century like I said before. We might only have a few decades left, or even less time…” Leylin said with a straight face, making both Nonov...

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