Chapter 690

Enhancing Lightning Runes

Leylin had previously sealed off his bloodline force to stop the curse from flaring up. Naturally, he could undo the seal in times of danger and restore his strength to the peak of rank 5. However, the curse would absorb even more energy from him every time he did so.

Even if he successfully sealed himself up again, the time he had left would be brought down by about seven months. Leylin had only two years left. Unless it was absolutely necessary, he definitely would not do this.

However, he would have no choice but to use this method in times of crisis, even if the temporary help resulted in long-term danger. Leylin’s cold pupils were fixed on the rank 5 Warlock in front of him.

“Good, very good! Since you were able to take on my attack, you have the right to speak to me on equal grounds!”

Unexpectedly, the great elder revealed a rigid smile, “Let me introduce myself. My name is Eam, Eam Lyers. Rank 5 Warlock and the grand elder of the Lyers family!”


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