Chapter 689

Meeting and Sneak Attack

Since he was struck by an attack that was faster than the speed of sound, Leylin could only hear it after the fact. His expression showed his confusion as he glanced at his shoulder.

His black scholar robes had already been torn up, revealing fine snake scales. However, they were now charred, and a few pieces had even fallen off. Traces of dark red could be seen where he was wounded.

“Not bad, you could break through my defences!” Leylin looked slightly stunned. Following that, terrifying black streams of gas converged on the serpentine figure behind him. It swelled up, flicking its tail forth.

*Boom!* A pillar of lightning broke down, and as if some chain reaction had been triggered the seven other pillars of lightning fell in succession, causing the Berserk Lightning Prison to crumble.

The giant serpent bellowed with rage, the sound waves engulfing the entire area and causing the thunderclouds in the air to be torn apart to reveal a tremendous bir...

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