Chapter 687

Arthur Empire

With the A.I. Chip’s deductions, Leylin instantly obtained the spell’s model, and learnt all of its weaknesses.

‘The darkness elemental particles just aren’t concentrated enough in the central continent. Perhaps it can only be used in a paradise for dark Magi like the subterranean world.’

“Fight darkness with light!” A holy white radiance was formed at Leylin’s fingertip. While he was a dark Magus himself, it wasn’t like he couldn’t use any life or light element spells.

In reality, with enough spiritual force and access to spell models, Magi could employ spells of any type. However, there was a difference due to vitality and elemental affinity. Leylin might be extremely proficient with darkness spells, even having an added bonus to their power, but he would find it difficult to use light and life element spells, and the power could even be diminished.

Now, for instance, the light-type spell that Leylin was casting consumed a lot of...

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