Chapter 686

Underground and Rescue

After preparing his backup plan, Leylin swished his robes and entered the arched door in mid-air. An icy membrane rippled as he passed through it. The moment he materialised, Leylin realised he’d stepped into another place.

A dark, frigid aura permeated the air, one that was specific to the subterranean world. The density of darkness and earth energy particles was even greater than in Twilight Zone.

“This is the other end of the spatial tunnel, huh?” Leylin swept his gaze across the surroundings. He was currently in a palace hall of sorts, where bizarrely styled sculptures were scattered around the vicinity.

Once the light in the spell formation subsided, a thick layer of dust could be observed in the area.

“Inextinguishable Flame!” Leylin pointed ahead and a bright and beautiful flame floated in front of him.

‘This place seems to have been deserted for a very long while. Is it the depths of an ancient ruin?’ Leylin scanned the surroundings with his soul force, before realising that the whole area seemed to be protected by a layer of...

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