Chapter 685

Strengthening and Way of Escape

“Lord Leylin is extremely erudite,” Nonov said in praise, “Ever since the ruins appeared the seal has slowly been lifting. No matter what methods we think of, we haven’t been able to stop this process…”

“And you’ve come to me as a last resort.” Leylin’s snort had Nonov and Anye break out in cold sweat but he didn’t concern himself with them, instead stroking his chin as he fell into deep thought.

Although the subterranean world was rich in resources, with the violent invasion of the ancient Magi many of the tribes there didn’t have a favourable impression of humans. Although humans remained there, after so many years would they side with the humans or the subterranean world? The latter possibility was more likely.

The subterranean world was vast and boundless, and wasn’t lacking in powerful Morning Stars even in the first layer. There should even be rank 5 existences there.

Twilight Zone was only a very small part of this first layer, just like how the south coast was just a part of the surface world. Furthermore, even in spite of its long isolation,...

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