Chapter 684

Benefits and Entrance

The Eternal River pocket dimension had been discovered when Leylin was just a rank 1 Magus. The fact that it still hadn’t been divided into respectful affiliations was something that surprised Leylin.

Looking at the detailed patterns on the large metal gate that towered into the clouds, Leylin couldn’t help but recall the scene when he’d advanced.

That year, he’d used a large amount of this metal gate’s spiritual force as well as the souls of numerous Magi, to push himself forward and advance to rank 2 in one move.

Memories of all that had happened were still fresh in his mind, yet all of the people in them had disappeared. Leylin felt slightly regretful.

“Yes, Sir. Please wait a moment.” That guard immediately placed his hands on the surface of the large gate. The metal gate immediately rumbled, emitting a dazzling radiance.

“Eh.” Looking at the guard captain, Leylin let out a soft gasp.

“Did you discover something, Lord Leylin?” The head of the Lighthouse of the Night laughed from the si...

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