Chapter 683

Confirmation and Travelling Together

With the appearance of the Gargamel, the Magi present sank into a mysterious silence.

They knew very well how terrifying and troublesome the Gargamel was. Not only was it powerful at magic, it could support its body with vengeful dead spirits, allowing it to maintain peak condition at all times. Even when struck by the light Magi’s final trump card, the Blade of Avarice, it had only been injured and not killed. It only went low-profile for a while before making waves again.

If not for the Magi being unable to deal with it, the Spirit Slaying Sect wouldn’t be able to rise in the south coast to be regarded equal to the dark and light Magi.

Now, however, the sect chief, the Gargamel that the disciples fiercely believed in had been seized so easily. The demon that had caused so much terror was suppressed under the platform.

The huge contrast left the Magi questioning whether they were in an illusion.

However, they had no choice but to admit that this...

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