Chapter 682

Granting Audience and Captive

“Whatever the matter, Lord Leylin is Abyssal Bone Forest Academy’s greatest success and fortune!” the glance the leader of Lighthouse of the Night shot at Nyssa hinted at something, and no matter how hard she tried to conceal it a hint of glee appeared in her eyes.

The greater Leylin’s reputation was, the better it was for the academy. With his fame, the Abyssal Bone Forest Academy would definitely be able to expand enormously under her administration. She could even accomplish more than what all the previous directors had been able to. This was the petty and low reason for which Nyssa was trying so hard to invite him to join them.

‘If I could make use of their good relationship and get Leylin to become a famed professor at the academy…’ Just the idea had Nyssa trembling in her excitement; she was perhaps smiling even in her sleep.

“Also… I seem to see a lot of old friends from the light Magi here!” The green-eyed...

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