Chapter 679

Return and Change

“Keefa has already become a living plant. As long as this trueseed of his still exists, he can revive at any time. However, it’ll take a long while for him to amass the amount of life force he had before…” Nonov sighed, fixing his eyes on the green seed.

It was the size of a grown man’s fist, with complicated plant runes on it. She could vaguely sense a familiar spiritual force undulation coming from it, as if there was a gravely injured life that had fallen asleep inside.

“He seems to have let us off intentionally, restraining himself at the last minute. If not, none of us would have been able to survive…” Nonov laughed wryly, “What do you think?”

“We still have our final treasure. If we’re pushed to the limit, we can use it to deal him immense damage,” Marjorie said hatefully, before her expression suddenly changed, “What?”.

The sound of an item shattering could be heard from Nonov’s body. More specifically, it was from a secret compartment...

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