Chapter 678

Ease and Departure

“You learnt about that too… It seems like you know me quite well,” Leylin shook his head, “But did you know that the thing I hate the most is being coerced?”

His expression instantly darkened. “Furthermore, it’s better to deal with dark Magi than the likes of you. As long as I display enough strength to shock them, they become even more obedient than dogs, and won’t resort to sneaky actions in the shadows…”

“It looks like Sir Leylin is very prejudiced against us light Magi. What a pity…” Nonov spoke slowly, the golden scepter in his hand emitting even more dazzling rays of light.

“Are you done with all that nonsense? Like I said earlier, we should just eliminate him. He started out as a dark Magus!” Marjorie, who was beside Nonov, began to speak with a piercing voice.

*Sou sou!* The giant tree Magus under them did not speak, but large amounts of roots spread out from it to envelop the surrounding...

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