Chapter 677


“Mm. Because of the materials used to make the Fallen Star Pendant, it can at best only become a piece of low-grade magic equipment.”

Although Leylin found this quite a pity, Krupp instead grew so excited he was about to froth at the mouth.

On the other hand, Darlie grew even more emotional. Seeing that the Fallen Star Pendant had really been upgraded to become a low-grade magic equipment piece, she was at first frozen before she pounced at Leylin’s feet. “Revered Lord Farlier, please take me in as your disciple… No, how could I qualify to be the disciple of such a great Magus? Please give me any chance regardless of what it is. Whether as a maid, a servant, or even a guinea pig, just give me a chance to learn from you!”

“You– You’re serious?” Leylin watched this female Magus. With her her thirst and pursuit of knowledge, she was very similar to how he had been back then.

Krupp had a stiff expression....

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