Chapter 676

Fallen Star: Magic Equipment

“A.I. Chip, organise Alric’s memories, separate the information I require.”

[Beep, mission established. Beginning analysis. Extracting data from target.]

As a Grandmaster in the field of soul research who possessed the help of the A.I. Chip, Leylin found what he needed in mere seconds.

Alric’s body died once his soul was pulled out. Now translucent, he’d regained the ability to speak. Information was extracted from his soul as he let out cries of misery. Having memories extracted from your soul wasn’t exactly pleasant. “AAAHH… What are you doing? I won’t let you off! I curse you and I curse all that is yours!”

“Oh, so you have a brother who you’re not on good terms with. It’s a bit of a pity that he died under the curse as well,” Leylin said as great amounts of data streaked past him, “Whatever. If he’s dead he’s dead. Did you think it would just end like this?

“Void Assassin!” A...

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