Chapter 675

Defeat and Curse

At this moment, the young Magus that had collapsed to the ground immediately shouted out, “Lord Ancestor, you can’t let him off so easily! He attacked our Farlier family and even indirectly caused Grandpa Damien’s death!”

“Oh?!” Leylin furrowed his brows. Black flames blazed as he instantly moved to the youth’s side. With just a scan, he understood the youth’s body like the back of his own hand. “Did the Spirit Slaying Sect give you that wound on your chest?”

“Yes. I got hit by the attack of a soul plague from the sect disciples, and was also poisoned by a Malaria Spider!” The youth looked defeated, but then had an excited flush on his face.

“A small issue.” Leylin’s finger moved, and the bandages around the youth’s chest automatically fell off to reveal twisted muscles and horrifying wounds.

“Bear with it for a bit.” Leylin dripped a crimson potion onto the youth’s injuries. White gas...

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