Chapter 674

Recognition and Ease

“No, he’s my assignment!” The rank 2 Magus of the Spirit Slaying Sect rejected immediately. Apprehending this Magus was the very reason he’d even come here.

“You’ve gotten this wrong. I’m not here to discuss terms with you, this is an order! Since you wish to die, let me help you!” Alric couldn’t be bothered to listen to reason, and he instead made his move. A violent, aggressive power crushed down on them, forming a domain of holy light.

*Rumble!* The forcefield of a rank 3 Magus left no way out for any Magi below that rank. The disciples of the Primordial Spirit Slaying Sect melted down in the holy light, their blood and flesh just dissipating away. Piercing screams sounded out.

“Lord Gargamel won’t let you off!” The silver spiritual force surrounding the rank 2 Magus flashed, abruptly forming a cloud of black fog as he planned to flee into the distance.

“What a bunch of noisy flies! Let Gargamel...

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