Chapter 672

Travelling Together and Appearance

“I was too naive. No matter how lax the professor from the Ennea Ivory Ring Tower could be in his requirements, a novice Magus like me isn’t competent enough…”

Leylin and Darlie sat facing each other in a fruit juice shop. Leylin was watching the passersby outside the French window as he listened to Darlie narrate her experiences after they parted ways.

Darlie was a talented Magus who had perseverance. She had a fault, however, in her youth.

Knowledge was the foundation of a Magus’ power. She was extraordinary for advancing to become a Magus at her age, but compared to those old freaks who’d amassed knowledge over hundreds of years she was nothing.

Hence, she had completely failed recruitment into the Ennea Ivory Ring Tower, being rejected at the start itself.

Her other female companions had fared the same way, and after the setback from the huge difference between their ideals and reality, they had long since returned to...

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