Chapter 670

Return to the South Coast

He named his first child Daniel. After setting up some isolation spells and asking Celine to hide herself for a period of time, he reckoned everything should be fine. With his business done, he headed for the south coast.

Though the surroundings were filled with dangerous areas that even rank 3 Magi were known to be unable to escape, this north coast that was isolated from the world seemed to Leylin like his backyard.

“It’s been so long, I wonder how those friends and enemies are now?” Leylin looked at the clouds through his window, and familiar faces appeared in his mind.

George, Nyssa, Damien, Number 4 and 5, and the former principal who were all his friends and servants. There were also his enemies like Gargamel and Alric as well.

Memories were dusted off one after the other, especially of him taking...

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