Chapter 67

Defence Potion

The fine rune shackles were the size of a strand of hair compared to the huge Mankestre snake. However, under the restraint of the shackles, the huge snake was helplessly locked to the ground, not even able to move.

"Hurry, charge!" Jackson howled, and the huge sword radiated light.

On the other side, the grey-robed person too lifted his cloak, and revealed a Half-Beast Man appearance as he hurriedly chanted an incantation.

* Roar! * The remaining creatures felt the danger that their parent was in, and rushed forward, with no thoughts for their own safety, towards Leylin and the rest.

"Go to hell!" Leylin pulled out a few fire red coloured explosive potions and decimated the remaining creatures into ashes.

"To the Mankestre snake, the eyes are their achilles heel, and is even more vulnerable than the heart.

Leylin howled, at the same time chanting.

Along with the chanting of the mysterious and ancient Byron language resounding in the cave, a hoard of congealed and thick black oily bodies appeared beside Leylin, completely surrounding him.

These black, oily figures circled around Leylin, giving off bubbles from time to time, and letting off a sound that was akin to decomposing material. While he continued to chant, the black oiled figures continuously changed shape, finally turning into a black lion head-like apparition.

"Go!" Leylin pointed.

The black lion head roared, and charged towards the crown of the huge snake which was being restrained.

* Pu! * The lion head immediately bit on both of the Mankestre snake's eyes.

* Sssii! * The huge snake writhed continuously, letting off an agonised screech. The rune shackles on its body were also emitting off red smoke.

"Hurry!" I cannot keep this up much longer!" Murphy completely diverged from his scholarly image and howled without a care.

The black lion head continuously chewed on the head of the huge snake, and finally dissolved, turning into a puddle of greasy black oil, that covering the head of the huge snake, and eventually covered both of its eyes.

"It is now!" Leylin eyes flashed and withdrew a test tube. The contents radiated a blood red light, which excreted feelings of danger.

This was an explosive potion, but was much larger in comparison had a larger blast radius was larger in circumference as in compared to the previous potions.

The muscles of Leylin's right arm bulged as he tossed the potion directly into the black oil.

* Bang! * A tremendous flame rose, completely engulfing the huge Mankestre snake, and burning it savagely.

The huge snake continuously tossed its head, which looked like a huge burning torch from, side to side.

The rune shackles around it also let off creaking noises which meant that it could not endure for much longer.

"The decomposing oil water that comes from the subterranean area, together with the A.I. Chip's modified explosive potion gives off a combined attack of at least 9 degrees!"

Blue light in continuously flashed from within Leylin's eyes, as he recorded the figures from the explosion.

"Pant! Pant! The earlier attack has already broken through most of the huge Mankestre snake's defence! Now is the time to kill it!"

Leylin panted violently, and his face was extremely pale. It was like he had completely depleted his spiritual force and magic power, and he staggered several steps behind.

From an area of his sleeve which was concealed from others, another of the modified explosive potions, which was used earlier, appeared in his hands.

Leylin would never place his hopes completely on others, especially at crucial times like this.

At this moment, the Half-Beast Man had finished chanting his spell.

"The strength of my forebearer's totem, transform now into frigid ice, and grant me the might to slay the Mankestre snake!"

The Half-Beast Man finished his spell, and touched lightly on Jackson's sword.

* Sssii! *

On the blade of Jackson's huge sword, a layer of frost began to envelop it, , and the frost grew more and more, before finally enlarging the of the blade to double of its original size, and turning it into a frost greatsword!

What the Half-Beast Man had cast was actually a kind of rarely seen spell which could enhance weapons!

"According to the scan of the A.I. Chip, at this moment, the greatsword in Jackson's hands already has the strength of a basic level magic artifact!"

Leylin eyes flashed, "It is a rather decent enchanting technique!"

Jackson had obviously teamed up with the Half-Beast Man many times before. Earlier, he had been conserving his energy, and once the greatsword had completed the layer of frost, Jackson howled and raised it above him, charging and chopping towards the neck of the Mankestre snake.

The sword, which seemed like a giant crystallised ice sculpture, directly chopped at a blackened patch of the huge snake with Jackson's strength of a Grand Knight.

* Pu-chi! *

Red hot blood flowed down continuously from a deep gash on the neck of the Mankestre snake, which seemed to be almost half a metre deep. One could even see the whites of the bones. The huge snaked roared, and headbutted with all its strength.

* Bang! * Viscount Jackson was immediately knocked away, and even the breastplate he was wearing was dented inwards.

The frost greatsword landed upright by his side, burying itself halfway into the ground.

* Ping Ping Ping! * The layer of ice continuously cracked, and finally even the sword, which was made of steel, shattered into countless fragments that landed on the floor.

"It seems like this spell isn't completely flawless either!" Leylin was still in the mood to observe leisurely.

However, at this moment, Murphy's complexion turned red, "I can't control it any longer!"

Under the continuous struggles of the Mankestre snake, the rune shackles around it finally collapsed with a rattling sound. As for the price of being able to free itself, the snake had already suffered a dozen wounds which penetrated through its scales.

As for the heavily injured Mankestre snake, its bloodshot eyes turned even more crimson. With lightning speed, it swiped and coiled its tail. Before Leylin could react, he realised that there was one less person beside him. The Half-Beast Man which originally stood there was now wrapped up in the snake's tail.

"No! Save me!" The tail continuously constricted, and the huge snake's figure almost covered the entirety of the Half-Beast Man.

At this moment, Jackson, who was not sure if he was still alive or dead, lay on the side, and could not answer his subordinate cries at all.

* Ga-cha! * With a creaking noise, the ear-piercing sounds of bones shattering resounded in the air. The Half-Beast Man's distressed cries climbed higher in pitch, until finally, it turned into dead silence.

Leylin watched the huge, moribund snake attentively, as he drew a few potions of various colours.

* Bang! *

A huge black figure attacked, and hit a yellow test tube that had left Leylin's hands. In the surrounding area, a layer of yellow light appeared, and engulfed Leylin's entire body.

The immense might crashed into Leylin and he was sent flying, crashing into a nearby granite rock. Mud flew above his head as he landed, and there was even a huge impression left on the rock behind his back.

At the same time as Leylin was sent back flying, a layer of intense red flames extended from the snake's tail, and multiple colours of light also blossomed on the snake's body, finally resulting in the cries of the Mankestre snake.

The yellow light shattered into many pieces, before finally dissipating into the air.

Leylin's body was completely unscathed, and seeing the many spots of dazzling yellow light, he grimaced.

"The weakness of acolytes is that they always have no defensive measures!"

The defensive spell models for rank 0 spells were extremely uncommon, as they were not very practical. When an acolyte is being attacked, rarely would they have time to chant those spells.

As a result, in battles between acolytes, whoever was struck first by a spell would end up defeated or killed.

This scenario would last until one reached the stage of an official Magus.

Apart from this, there was another method, which was to borrow strength from special items. For example, defensive or strange items which could instantly activate a defence spell.

However, such high leveled defensive items were even difficult to obtain for official Magus, so they rarely appeared in the hands of an acolyte.

Leylin and the other acolytes, together with the Half-Beast Man, all had no defensive items. At most, they only wore leather armour, which had absolutely no resistance against spells.

Moreover, a simple roll of the Mankestre snake would have already been able to grind them into a meat paste.

"According to the records of the academy, there are still a number of acolytes who die at the hands of Knights and Grand Knights. However, there has never been any instance of an official Magus dying at the hands of ordinary humans!"

As for this yellow potion, it was Leylin's latest experimental result - Trevor's Revolving Shield Potion!

A potion like this has already separated itself from the category of elementary potions. It was a kind of beginner's potion, and even amongst the beginner potion category it was extremely difficult to brew.

As for the effect, it would produce a one-time defensive layer of light, which would defend against any spell or physical attack of ten degrees or less!

With Leylin's amassed wealth from selling potions, together with the A.I. Chip continuous simulation, he had finally managed to make only two bottles of it.

The amount he spent for these had already exceeded over 1000 magic crystals!

"These potions are not easily affordable by others, and all official Magi attacks have an attack strength of over 10 degrees, so this Trevor's Revolving Shield Potion is best used only at the level of battles between acolytes. However, every bottle costs at least 500 magic crystals. Even direct heirs to large families would not be able to afford it!"

However, for Leylin who had the help from A.I. Chip, which could elevate his success rate, combined with his Potions Master identity, he could brew the Trevor's Revolving Shield Potion, suppressing the cost to around 200 to 300 magic crystals. Although it still remained steep in price, as it was a trump card, it was acceptable.

"Leylin!" Murphy's eyes widened, "You...Are you alright?"

"En! I've wasted an expensive defensive potion that I've acquired!" Leylin's face darkened, and seemed to be extremely saddened by the loss.

"This damned beast, I'm going to kill it!"

On the other side of the battlefield, the huge Mankestre snake lay half dead on the floor, seemingly spent, and having wounds strewn across its body.

First, it was hit with Leylin's hybrid attack, before almost having its head chopped off by Grand Knight Jackson. Afterwards, it escaped from Murphy's rune shackles through brute force, before it was finally struck again by Leylin's potions.

The snake head, which was always held high with pride, now lay helpless on the floor. Its tongue hissed, and blood continuously flowed out from its neck area.

"After having suffered from such a devastating injury, no matter how tenacious the life force of snake type creatures are, they will absolutely still perish!"

Murphy gritted his teeth, and shot a green coloured pyramid shaft, which directly lodged itself into the eyes of the huge snake.

* Pu! * The snake's eyes were finally pierced through, and a layer of creamy red and yellow liquid splashed out, which was sparkling yet translucent.

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