Chapter 669

Departure and Twilight

“And now my second descendant is born,” Leylin didn’t know himself what he was feeling exactly, but the birth of a descendant still caused a slight tenderness in his heart.

“Please excuse me,” he said to Offa and Jeffrey, knocking them out of their stupor.

“Of course Your Highness, go handle your own matters first,” they answered with understanding.

Black flames flashed as Leylin disappeared, only to arrive at a room in the castle. This luxurious room was filled with the smell of blood and amniotic fluid. A few wet nurses had already collapsed on the floor, the main culprit being the infant that was still crying out loud.

These wet nurses had been carefully selected, and almost all of them were rank 1 Warlocks. Still, the power from the rank 5 bloodline in the child’s body surpassed the limits of what they could bear.

After all, Leylin, Freya, and the rest normally suppressed their vital radiations on purpose to avoid polluting the surrounding environment. A newborn couldn’t possibly have such a...

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