Chapter 668

Return And Birth

“Of course! The Blazing Flame Monarch’s lair in Düz was destroyed! Even the whereabouts of a Breaking Dawn like the Monarch are unknown now, how would I not know of something so big?” There was a bitter smile at the corner of Offa’s lips.

This was the biggest news these days in the central continent. No, for the core of a rank 6 Monarch’s power to be struck so severely, this was something that hadn’t happened in the past few thousand years!

News concerning the Blazing Flame Monarch themselves being seriously injured and their whereabouts being unknown horrified Offa and the other Radiant Moon Warlocks.

This was a rank 6 Magus, a Breaking Dawn! It was someone who’d come into contact with the power of laws!

Even with the amplification from their bloodlines and having transformed the Morning Star Area into a large fort, in front of such an existence they could only defend themselves. In contrast, Leylin not only struck at and robbed the Blazing Flame Monarch’s Düz City, but he also left his opponent missing, with no news whether...

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