Chapter 667

Mask of the Dreamless

“A.I. Chip, conduct scan!” Leylin ordered, and the A.I. Chip quickly sent a passage of information to him.

[Alabaster Devilsnake: Rumoured to be a descendant of the Snake Dowager that inherited dreamforce. Likes to torture its prey in their dreams before digesting them. Matures at rank 5.]

It gave him a thought. ‘Even the Snake Dowager needs to use a large amount of energy in order to send dreamforce to a faraway world. That’s probably why she just activated the Allsnake Curse and then left the rest to her children…’

*Hss—* At this moment, the Alabaster Devilsnake was flicking its scarlet tongue as its blood red eyes were fixed on Leylin. Its body rumbled as it moved abruptly, turning into a streak of white lightning.

‘There’s no choice but to act!’ Leylin laughed wryly, the energy in his body beginning to boil, “Dream spell…”

White lightning seemed to flicker through the void, and when things returned to...

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