Chapter 666

Allsnake Curse

“A.I. Chip, conduct a full body scan!” Leylin commanded. He had just escaped from the Snake Dowager’s dream.

The Dowager was an existence that surpassed rank 7, and her power exceeded the limitations set by worlds. She could cross world borders and attack through Dreamscape, a strength that was unimaginable for Leylin.

When dealing with someone like her, it wouldn’t hurt to be cautious. Hence, thorough checks were a necessary thing.

[Mission established. Beginning scanning procedures. Atomic microscope has been authorised, beginning scan…] Large amounts of blue light scanned every region of Leylin’s body after the A.I. Chip sounded, the images resolved to the cellular level. The atomic microscope scanned everything. The blue light took the form of countless threads that swept through him.

[Skeleton normal. Internal organs normal. Scanning bloodline and sea of consciousness…] Leylin looked rather calm, but when the A.I. Chip’s rays scanned his blood and sea of consciousness...

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