Chapter 665

Wooden House and Meeting

It was as if he had gone through a long fall. Leylin felt like he was in another world when he finally touched the ground.

‘What… is this place?’ Observing the dusky fog of the mountains and the black forest in the distance, he sank into deep thought.

*Caw! Caw! Caw!* A crow with three blood-red eyes spread its wings and took off from a tree branch beside him, leaving behind a few fallen feathers. Its piercing shrieks spread far and wide.

‘A.I. Chip!’ Leylin subconciously commanded.

[Beep! Beginning scan of surroundings. Scan completed! Begin…]

The A.I. Chip’s voice was normal at first, but near the end, it suddenly grew rough as if it was facing some strong interference.

”AAH! AAH! AAH!” After some time, the voice changed to become piercing feminine shrieks. They grew higher and higher in pitch until they threatened to blast Leylin’s eardrums apart, at which point he had no choice but to order it to halt operatio...

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