Chapter 664

Descendant and Discovery

Not only did Leylin have a lot of information on methods to increase elemental affinity, he’d also attempted some of these methods himself.

There were ancient records detailing this field in the central continent, and the A.I. Chip had recorded the information down and used it well.

However, even the central continent that was touted as the cradle of the revival of the glory of Magi had very little information on soul aptitude.

It had been extremely unlikely for Leylin to find a physique from an ancient dead clan, and it might have been useful to him. However, Joanna had ended up self-destructing, something Leylin found a huge pity.

With what he understood, Leylin found that the power of laws could alter his soul aptitude. How could he not go crazy in excitement?

‘The power of laws is boundless and inexhaustible, and can even modify a Magus’ soul aptitude!’ Leylin’s eyes brightened. While...

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