Chapter 662

Departure and Harvests

The Kemoyin Emperor was originally over a hundred kilometres long, but its figure had shrunk a thousandfold as it became a python that was only tens of metres in length. Terrifying light burst forth from what used to be its scales.

The two eyes of the python stared straight at Melinda, and her heart couldn’t help but palpitate upon seeing the merciless expression in them.

Leylin’s voice came from the python, “You’ve had enough, but that doesn’t mean I have. According to our deal, I’ve come for my reward.”

Following these words, the humongous python suddenly spread its mouth wide open, and a black hole formed within.

“Innate ability: Devour!”

“Nooo…” In the midst of Melinda’s pained cries, the Kemoyin Emperor that Leylin had transformed into bit ferociously onto the arm of the Blazing Flame Monarch. Soon after, it ripped open the space without hesitation and escaped.

*Buzz!* Its scales flashed with a glaring brilliance and even had traces of blood.

Leylin had obviously used some sort of secret method that allowed him to disappear from Melinda’s senses almost instantly.

*Whoosh!* Golden blood droplets suddenly started...

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