Chapter 661

Seizing and Assist

In actuality, the Blazing Flame Monarch was still on her guard against Melinda and Leylin.

Not taking into account her opponent’s secret plan before, the tens of crystal balls that Leylin had sent out and exploded made it seem as if he was about to cast some spell. That already made the Flame Monarch feel some unease.

This was an ability similar to prophecy, and was common among high-ranked Magi. However, it was extremely rare for the Blazing Flame Monarch to get one with such a violent warning. Hence, she instantly made her move and golden soul force swept the area as the law of fire covered the void.

However, her strength strangely had no effect on the dark red fog, and no matter how hot the golden flames blazed, the dark red streams of gas still flowed in the air undisturbed.

“Damn it! Erosion of the Sun!” The Blazing Flame Monarch raised her longsword high in the air once more, the black point swelling and emitting a terrifying aura that was even more terrifying...

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