Chapter 660

Erosion of the Sun

“Let’s perish together!” Joanna had on an insane smile. It was as if death was not the end for her, only a beginning.

Many roots formed from her body, wrapping around her and the Blazing Flame Monarch. The faint image of the purple plant solidified, and the roots wound tightly together as the two fell into the half-dimension. Branches and leaves spread out, the bud at the very top growing and blooming.

With the Blazing Flame Monarch’s infuriated howls, a purple flower bud with unworldly beauty slowly blossomed in the half-dimension. A terrifying strength took form at the same time, forming purple light that spread in all directions. Even the world of fog was affected as it crumbled down.

“This is bad!” Leylin’s pupils shrank. The remaining fog force immediately created a thick wall-like structure in front of him, behind which Melinda squeezed in unceremoniously. Following that, purple light spread through the skies and drowned the area.

The half-dimension hidden...

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