Chapter 659

Trump Card and Resolution

“Out of all these people, you were the one that I felt was the most dangerous. I didn’t expect it to be an old friend!” The female flame Magus stared at the faint human figure in her hands, a slight smile on her face.

“I don’t know what you’re saying…” Jin’s voice was hoarse and robotic.

“Kellard! I cannot tolerate any outsiders peeping in on my land of flames!” The Blazing Flame Monarch seemed to be confident in herself. A terrifying golden soul force entered Jin’s body with her declaration, threads of gold travelling through the faint body as they burst into golden flames.

The Blazing Flame Monarch conjured an illusory scene from of Jin’s body.

A platinum figure seemed to be seated on a throne within a spacious place. The golden flames seemed to pierce through the void, descending in that area.

A low sigh was heard from the platinum figure. A feather appeared, turning into an odd-looking longsword amidst white light....

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